Installed Windows 7 and I Just Gotta Say…

So I installed Windows 7 at home this past weekend. I had done the Beta version in some virtual machines at work and was impressed enough that when it came out I thought I’d give it a go at home. The big change for me was in pushing my OS up to x64 so I could get more out of my memory.

Overall the install took about 6 hours: that includes downloading 64 bit drivers ahead of time, backing up all my stuff from the old version, reformatting my boot drive, installing Win 7, and reinstalling all my needed software. So, at 6 hours, I gotta say, that’s pretty quick. Additionally, the install went flawlessly. There was a hiccup with needing a raid driver early on, but it was before reformatting, so I just booted the old os and got the driver and put it on a thumb.

Now that I’m up and running, and have been so for a few days, I gotta say I’m impressed. Performance is solid, boot time is faster, things run better… all in all a big success for me. I especially see performance gains in games and swapping to desktop. Very nice.

Stripes 2

I had a dream last night that I was writing the script for the sequel to the movie stripes. When I woke up this morning from the dream I spent all morning thinking about doing just that. I finally stopped thinking about when I realized that I don’t think Bill Murray is probably too old to pull off an impression of Dean Martin joining the army.