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Installed Windows 7 and I Just Gotta Say…

So I installed Windows 7 at home this past weekend. I had done the Beta version in some virtual machines at work and was impressed enough that when it came out I thought I’d give it a go at home. The big change for me was in pushing my OS up to x64 so I could get more out of my memory.

Overall the install took about 6 hours: that includes downloading 64 bit drivers ahead of time, backing up all my stuff from the old version, reformatting my boot drive, installing Win 7, and reinstalling all my needed software. So, at 6 hours, I gotta say, that’s pretty quick. Additionally, the install went flawlessly. There was a hiccup with needing a raid driver early on, but it was before reformatting, so I just booted the old os and got the driver and put it on a thumb.

Now that I’m up and running, and have been so for a few days, I gotta say I’m impressed. Performance is solid, boot time is faster, things run better… all in all a big success for me. I especially see performance gains in games and swapping to desktop. Very nice.

The Games I Play

I like to play video games… really, who doesn’t.  Thus, I thought I would share with you a few of the games I am playing now…

First, I am primarily playing Warhammer Online.  At least I would be if I ever had any time.  It’s a fun game in the World of Warcraft vein with a bit more focus on PvP.  Normally I don’t play PvP, but I’ve really taken to it in WAR.

Also, I play Team Fortress 2 from time to time whenever I need some mindless “blow stuff up” outlet.  I still find this one of the most enjoyable and balanced Team FPS games out there.  On the otherhand, it’s no Tribes 2.

I am hotly anticipating a few upcoming games.  Like everyone else on the planet I’m waiting for Blizzard to release Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3, but I’m also really interested to see what the new unannounced MMO property they are workin on is.  It’s supposedly an entire new setting for them, so this could be interesting.  Likewise, The Old Republic MMO is on my watch list.  I was a big fan of Star Wars Galaxies when it came out before they reveled their stupid Force unlock process.  Pretty much gave up that game when the holocrons came out.  I’m more hopeful that KOTOR MMO will be more interesting.  And we cannot forget Bioshock 2.  Bioshock 1 was simply one of the best written games ever and I highly recommend it.  I’m eagerly awaiting Bioshock 2 and seeing if it lives up to the first one.

Finally, let me tell you about The Secret World.  This is a new MMO based on conspiracy and mythology that looks really interesting.  It has a great deal of potential with lots of puzzles, mystery and dark horror, all of which I love to get involved with.  I have taken part in a few of the puzzles that the company has been running to build interest and press in the product and found them enjoyable.  And I have a beta key already, so I’m looking forward to playing the early release of the game.

So that’s it.  That’s what I’m playing, that’s what I’m waiting to play.  If you’d like to play a game with me in WAR or TF2 just let me know and I can share the details.