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Jennifer and I along with my friend Scott went to DC last night to check out the Nationals.  Scott and I are big Red Sox fans, and Jennifer’s a red sox fan by extension, so the only game we would go to would be the Red Sox ones, of course.  Well they finally are playing the nationals for the first time and we took advantage of it.

First, let me just say that charging extra for some games and less for others is a completely dick move.  For some games at the nationals, ticket prices are normal.  For other games, because they are more demanded, they charge extra.  Prices for the Red Sox series were nearly double.  That’s bogus and it really will affect my buying decisions with regards to that club in the future.  The red sox play the Orioles 9 or 10 times in Baltimore and you don’t see them charging premium prices.  Bad form.

The stadium itself is very nice.  Extra large, extra comfortable, lots of options.

The food at the stadium basically sucked.  Jennifer stood in line for 40 minutes to get a turkey sandwich only to find out that they were out of turkey at the deli place, and in fact out of all kinds of lunch meat.  And we really would have liked some Five Guys burgers, but the line was crazy long.  Now, admittedly, we didn’t get a chance to sample some of the more specialized food offerings, but what we did have was fairly unimpressive.  Decent beer options though.

The game was good though with a 3 run jack by Big Papi and only one error by the nationals, a record low for them.

So, would I go back?  Maybe.  I’d want better selection when buying the seats, no premium prices, and I’d definately take more time to find some of the specialized foods.  I almost certainly would not go back if the Red Sox were not the visiting team though.  Unless the Nationals start playing much better baseball.